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192                         BYZANTINE CHURCHES                       CHAP.
patriarchal seat was removed from S. Demetrius when SS. Peter and Paul was converted Into a mosque^ because too near a building which had become a Moslem place of worship.
The church of SS. Peter and Mark was Łounded5 it is said, by two patricians of Constantinople, named Galbius and Candidus, In 4583 early in the reign of Leo L (457-474). But the present building cannot be so old. It is a fair question to ask whether it may not be the church of S, Anastasia referred to in a chrysoboullon of John Palaeologus (1342)3 and mentioned by the Russian pilgrim who visited Constantinople in the fifteenth century (I424-53).1
The church of SS. Peter and Mark was erected as a shrine for the supposed tunic of the Theotokos, a relic which played an important part in the fortunes of Constantinople on several occasions, as cthe palladium of the city and the chaser away of all diseases and warlike foes.5 As often happened in the acquisition of relics, the garment had been secured by a pious fraud—a fact which only enhanced the merit of the purloiners, and gave to the achievement the colour of a romantic adventure. In the course of their pilgrimage to the Holy Land, Galbius and Candidus discovered, in the house of a devout Hebrew lady who entertained ther% a small room fitted up like a chapel, fragrant with incense, illuminated with lamps, and crowded with worshippers. Being informed that the room was consecrated by the presence of a chest containing the robe of the mother of their Lord, the pious men begged leave to spend the night in prayer beside the relic, and while thus engaged were seized by an uncontrollable longing to gain possession of the sacred garment. Accordingly they took careful measurements of the chest before them, and at Jerusalem ordered an exact facsimile of it to be made. Thus equipped they lodged again, on their homeward journey, at the house of their Galilean hostess, and once more obtained leave to worship in its chapel. Watching their opportunity they exchanged the chests, and forthwith despatched the chest containing the coveted treasure straight
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